Work Experience at ABL Business

Last week, Monday 2nd July to Friday 6th July, ABL Business Ltd welcomed a student from Lightcliffe Academy to the office for their work experience week.

Louis joined us for the week to see how computer and IT skills are needed and utilised in an office environment. Work experience is an excellent opportunity for students to see real working environments, improve on employability skills and to guide their career aspirations. We asked Louis what the main things he would like to gain from his work experience would be and he gave the following points:

  • I want to gain an insight and understanding of a working/office environment.
  • To form a network of people who can help me gain a better footing for my future career path.
  • And to gain a useful understanding of how IT and technology interacts with business and offices.

To make sure that Louis would get the most out of his time at ABL Business, each member of the team spent time with him. We showed him the different roles that are needed to keep a business running, from directors, to the sales team and marketing, to administrative tasks and most importantly how to make a good cup of tea.

At the end of the week we asked Louis what he thought of his time at ABL and he commented: “I expected on my first day to enter a generic, formal run of the mill office however at the end of my first day I realised that it was much more than an office, it was a family. Each member no matter their personalities were all extremely friendly and knew each other very well and such did not look like co-workers they looked like friends. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at ABL and hope to see them again in the future.”

Louis first heard about ABL Business Ltd last year when, Marketing Manager Mel and Marketing Assistant Emma went to Lightcliffe Academy to teach students how social media is used by businesses at a careers workshop organised by social enterprise Ahead Partnership. You can read the full story here to see how the students got on.

It’s been a pleasure having Louis here in the office, he’s been a great help to the team and we wish him all the best with his future.