When using social media really pays off!

ABL Business is a local SME that has grown following the successful partnership of two entrepreneurs who initially met on Linked In.

Since inception, the business has achieved double-digit growth year on year and has continued to use social media to recruit partners and associates who are now strategically placed around the UK from Worcester to Edinburgh to help businesses raise finance and achieve growth.

The entrepreneurs – Alex Beardsley, MCIM Chartered Marketer and Andy Redman, Commercial Finance Broker – created ABL Business to offer commercial finance and marketing support to SMEs across Yorkshire and beyond.

The pair identified a gap in the market; as they saw that most SME owners are faced with a multitude of decisions and issues every day, many unrelated to their own skills and they need trusted advisors.

Some of these issues typically include: How do I increase sales? I have a cash flow problem. I want to move into a new market, is it viable? These questions both require a financial and marketing answer as they are the two areas of business on which profit and growth are dependent. ABL Business recognised this, combining their skills to provide support in both areas. This allows our clients to get on with what they do best running their core business.

Alex Beardsley says: “It makes sense. If a business needs finance, ABL can arrange this, working with a multitude of trusted partners. Gone are the days when businesses have only one option the bank!

“We can look at all aspects of commercial finance. If a business is looking to improve cashflow, purchase assets or get access to cash for a new venture, then we can help. We tailor everything to our clients’ needs, never trying to make them fit to a particular product. In fact, we have access to over 120 different funders who offer a range of finance options for businesses; loans, invoice finance, bridging, commercial mortgages and asset based lending. Finance can be used for expansion, buying new equipment or machinery, commercial premises, or even luxury cars
“Basically, our service fills the gap left by traditional old-style bank managers who would have worked with business owners on a one-to-one basis.”

Overall, the UK’s alternative finance market grew by 43 percent in 2016. While not all alternative finance is funding for SMEs, the data suggests that almost three-quarters of it ends up with smaller enterprises. – Forbes Magazine 

Andy Redman added: “ABL Business supports SMEs to navigate the alternative finance market and access funding where they might otherwise have been unsuccessful. We adopt a partnership approach with our clients and their advisors, creating a strong network of support for the businesses we work with. It‘s the combination of commercial finance and strategic marketing skills that allows us to do this so successfully,

“Social media has continued to contribute to our success. Both of us spend time every day looking on social media for new partners and clients. You should be reading about our latest stellar partnership in Topic UK next month, says Alex.

So how did those initial talks on LinkedIn come about? “Andy needed branding for his new commercial finance brokerage venture and messaged three ‘Marketers’ from Leeds. I was the only one who responded, so what does that tell you?”

“It soon became apparent that the way we worked was very similar. We both wanted to know all about our clients’ businesses and find solutions to help them. With cash and sales being two of the most important areas of a business, we saw there was a lot of opportunity to offer joint services which would also give us an edge over the competition, as no-one else was supporting businesses in this way.”

ABL Business put their success down to the ability of the partnership to talk to people, whether that be face-to-face or online. All relationships start with one single conversation and you just never know where that will take you.

ABL Business started with one online conversation and now these entrepreneurs are holding and facilitating hundreds of conversations every week. both on and offline.

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