VAT Funding

Spread The Cost Of Your VAT Return!

Take control of your cashflow and spread the cost of your VAT or Corporation Tax payments. Our VAT Funding solutions allow for you to spread the cost of your quarterly VAT bill into 3 manageable payments, rather than one lump sum. It works by HMRC getting the whole amount upfront, then you only have to draw a third of the money from your account each month to repay the funder.

With our Corporation Tax solutions you can choose to spread your corporation tax for up to 12 months. 

The Benefits of VAT Funding:

  • 3 monthly payments in arrears.
  • Can be renewed every 3 months if you choose, keeping it as a monthly bill.
  • Rates starting from 4.9% of each quarterly VAT bill
  • All you need is a minimum VAT bill of £10k

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