Timing is everything!

I’ve just redownloaded the Google Analytics App and absolutely loved the update, especially the area that shows you the timetable of page views.

This got me thinking about the importance of timing in everything we do, but particularly in marketing. Timing is of the essence…

Without a deadline I am lost. And scheduling is a part of daily life at ABL. But why is timing so important?

Making plans

Every business needs a plan, without a plan you are just messing around…with a plan you are being serious. But you must plan to plan, it doesn’t just happen. You need a 5 year plan, a 1 year plan and an on going working plan…

Every year in December our plans and our clients plans are updated and that’s what we work towards.

If you have goals to be achieved within a timeframe you are more likely to succeed than just having a go and seeing how you get on! How do you measure success like that? How long do you carry on?

E-shots – when is the best time to send them out?

Social media posts… spontaneity