Things to watch in 2018

As a new year starts people are filled with hope and excitement, brimming full of ideas and ready to take on the task ahead. In business the task ahead will be to make improvements in marketing, training, people or other areas of the businesses. This is a chance for businesses to try something new and do things that they have never done before…Some will go well and others will be a huge flop.But if you take the words of Winston Churchill to heart then

“Success is the ability to move from one disaster to another, without the loss of enthusiasm”.

Enthusiasm is something we have buckets of at ABL Business and we are hitting the ground running in 2018, but not without caution. Here are some of the key business trends or things to watch in 2018 from my point of view…Not that it matters; but for what it’s worth here goes…

Expect a technology backlash

The close of 2017 brought with it some devastating news for some of the biggest tech companies in the world…Uber is a transport company after all!!!! With the rise of the tech giant, people are starting to wise up and fall out of love with sharing their data online and putting their lives (literally their whole lives where Facebook/Google are concerned) in the hands of multibillion $ companies. And GDPR causing a headache for more than one person, businesses need to be more mindful of how they use technology.

While social media fans, followers and likers will not fall and social media is not going anywhere, I predict that people will try and consciously spend less time online; whether they manage to achieve this is another matter. While we cannot escape the importance of technology in our lives and the improvements that it has made, 2018 is the year that we wise up and realise that screen time needs limiting now or we lose our children forever.

The rise of the relationship

No change here then! Relationships will be as important in 2018 as they always have…if not more so. With an influx of choice, information and options us mere mortals like to make life simple for ourselves and revert to type. When choosing brands we rely on our evoked set and when looking for advice we go to our trusted advisors.

Approach video with caution

Hailed as the ‘next big thing’ in marketing video content MUST be approached with caution. I say this because there has been a distinct rise in the use of amateur videographers stealing their 5 seconds of fame from the comfort of their living room, home office, car or daily dog walk! While initially this was a novel way of communicating it is now covering our social media feeds and unless it’s funny it isn’t worth watching!

Similarly, if you are setting about creating a corporate video to explain your business then please think about the viewer. Two minutes of corporate backslapping about how good you are and how fantastic your products are is very boring to watch and may have an adverse effect on your marketing activity or just be a huge waste of money, time and effort.

Things to consider when choosing video as a content marketing tactic:

  1. What is the purpose? – Clearly define the why? And what message you are trying to convey
  2. Who are you talking to? – So what is a question you should ask…So what, who cares then you’ll get the content right
  3. Is the video adding value or are you just doing it because everyone else is? – If the answer is the latter, stop until such a time that you have something to say.


The Pantone Colour of the Year is UltraViolet and I must say what a fabulous colour this is…I can predict that we will all be sick of it by December and ABL Business might consider a rebrand 🙂

A lot of my observations are tongue in cheek but rooted in a real life perception of what is happening in the macro and micro economic environments that have an impact on our businesses and lives. Throughout 2018 I am going to share more of my observations and thoughts in the hope that it provokes people into thinking about things they may otherwise have not thought. Or provide a different perspective with the aim of helping them make a business decision or question the status quo.