The Tech approach to finding business finance

In today’s ever-growing technical age, for most people, if they can do it themselves online then they will most certainly give it a go. Whether it’s starting a business, paying bills or getting commercial finance, if it can be done online then it will be done online.


Whilst we strongly recommend ‘speaking to a human’ and that smarter businesses use a broker to find the best funding solution for them, we do also understand that this approach doesn’t always work for everyone. Which is why we wanted to introduce you to Funder Finder.


This online tool allows for busy business owners to find the funding they need to grow their businesses. The simple and easy to use system is free for you to use. They also make it free for lenders to list on the site, which means that no lender can pay to get to the top of the rankings. Instead they use an algorithm using the information you provide to match you with the information provided by the lenders, to come up with the best solution that works for you and your business. This is part of their fairness guarantee.


Funder Finder can be used for anything from Merchant Cash Advance and Export Finance to Peer to Peer lending and Invoice finance, as well as many other funding options. They are the engine powering Alternative Business Funding and have been approved as a designated referral platform by HM Treasury and the British Business Bank.


This platform allows for businesses to take 5 minutes from their busy day to find alternative funding options and as your first enquires are done anonymously, it won’t negatively impact your credit rating. Once you find a selection of enquires that work for you, interested funders will get in touch to speak to you about your options.


This way of accessing alternative funding is a great opportunity for businesses looking for a cash injection and who would like to take the lead in doing things for themselves.


If you’re a tech savvy business in a place of growth and want to find funding for yourself then take a look at Funder Finder or if you want to speak to a human about your finance options then we are always available on 01274 965356.