The Adventures of ABL – Bratislava

Team ABL went to Bratislava, we know you’re all wondering what happened and what we got up to. Well don’t worry, we’ve put together a blog of our adventure so that you can feel like you were there too.

Day 1 – Don’t Stop till you drop:

On day 1 we were up bright and early ready for our 6am flight to Bratislava, having just made the plane we touched down at 11am their time (they are an hour in front). From the airport, we went straight to the hotel to drop off our bags and do some exploring.

We wandered through the old town and in true British style the first stop was to the Irish Bar, from there it was on to the Scottish Bar. After a few more drinks we quickly checked into the hotel before going back out. Again, we had a chance to wander around the Old Town, see the castle, call into some bars and take some group photos (minus Lisa, who stayed back to have a quick nap).

We were lucky to hit the first day of the Christmas market so of course, we had to stop for mulled wine. At this point, Lisa came to join us again and we got to see the Christmas tree lights being switched on. The perfect way to feel very Christmassy on our Christmas Party.

After such an early start you would think we would be tucked up in bed by 8pm. Nope! Not ABL, most of the team stayed out partying and dancing the night away!

Day 2 – Red Red Wine:

Day 2 started a little slower, which was to be expected after such a busy first day. After breakfast, Andy arranged for the team to go wine tasting. Our lovely tour guide Eva took us on a small walking tour around Bratislava, to get to the wines.  

We stopped off at the Blue Church which is a beautiful old church painted blue. From there we went to a little winery behind the Blue Church and tasted 6 wines, 3 white, 1 Rose and 2 reds. We were told the history of Slovakian Wine, and more about the country.

From there we went to a little Bakery to try a dessert wine and a national pastry. After that, we went and tried Honey Mead.

If you go to Bratislava we highly recommend a wine tour from Eva, she was very informative, told us lots about wines, the history of Bratislava and answered all our questions.

Of course, after all the wine and walking we were tired out so it was back to the room for a quick afternoon nap before out again for a spot of tea and a wander around the bars.

Day 3 – Oh Vienna:

Did you know that Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capitals? That’s if you don’t count Rome and the Vatican, which Eva said we don’t.  

This meant that we had to pop over to Vienna, we want to go sailing down the River Danube, but unfortunately, this doesn’t run in November, so we hopped on the train instead.

We got to try the famous Viennese cake Sachertorte while taking in the culture around us. Then it was a quick pit stop in the Australian bar, which was now becoming a joke of ABL’s to get around the world in 4 days.

We then went to a restaurant to have tea (yes by tea we mean evening meal … we are from Yorkshire), we sat outside underneath the heaters and had blankets to keep us warm, apart from Zac who was freezing the whole time.

It was then time to get the train back to Bratislava and to get an early night to ensure that we got to the airport on time.

Day 4 – Take me home:

And before we knew that last day was here. This time breakfast was a little different, Emma is leaving the ABL team for 6 weeks to go to Australia so we decided to surprise her with Cork Hats and an inflatable kangaroo.

Then it was time to pack our bags and get to the airport ready to come home.

So there you have it, ABL’s adventures in Bratislava. We know it’s cheesy to say but we really are a family and this trip proved just that.

The Christmas Party of dreams …. We wonder where next year will take team ABL!