ABL Business take steps to block out the competition.

Today ABL Business Ltd joined the FundingStore team, to increase coverage across Yorkshire and the North-East. ABL Business Ltd has secured brokerage exclusively for invoice finance and asset based lending across the regions of Yorkshire and the North-East.

Our strategy is to support growing SMEs and  we come with a vast range of experience, across a number of different sectors, in raising commercial finance. Although based in Yorkshire we have clients in the North-East and have added FundingStore exclusivity to our digital marketing strategy in order to extend our reach and block out the competition when it comes to searching for commercial lending online.

When it comes to organic and paid search for terms such as ‘Invoice Finance’, ‘Asset Based Lending’ and other keywords, we wouldn’t stand a chance at competing with the lenders and banks who have tens of thousands of pounds to invest in this form of lead generation. Teaming up with FundingStore allows us to raise our profile across the specific regions we are focusing and utilise the strength of a larger entity.

Visit our FundingStore member profile page by following the link, ABL Business Ltd.

Or to discuss any form of commercial finance for business growth, turnaround or to make an expensive asset purchase please get in touch. Our approach is different to that of the banks and other commercial lenders, we work with you, not for you! Contact Andy Redman on 01274 965356 or email andy@abl-business.co.uk