About Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is a process that allows you to concentrate your efforts and resources on the most lucrative customers and areas of the market. The goal is to increase sales and profitability by competing better than your competitors.

Your Marketing Strategy Looks At:

Step 1: Where is the business in its current position?

Step 2: What is the desired business position or what should it be?

Step 3: How will we get the business to the desired position?

Step 4: Did we get it there?

The questions may be simple but the time and skill required to answer them effectively should not be underestimated. The role of a marketing director or senior marketing manager would involve the regular collection of information relating to your market place, your competition and most importantly your customers to ensure that all of your business and marketing efforts were working to maximise your opportunities and minimise any threats that may be coming your way. Think of a strategy as your business road map.