Start-Up Loans and Members of Parliament

The process of obtaining a Start-Up loan was seamless and because of the fantastic effect it had on our business we started telling our clients and helped 10 other businesses in 2014 obtain a Start-Up loan; a Start-Up helping Start-Up’s to Start-Up :).

Because of this Andy and I were invited to an intimate meeting with Ed Balls, MP and Luke Williams, Director at Start-Up Loans UK and 8 other businesses that had received a Start-Up loan. The opportunity to meet with the Shadow Chancellor and someone instrumental in improving help for SME’s in the UK was fantastic. We were able to discuss our business, how the Start-Up loan had helped us, our plans for growth, the challenges and how we plan to fund growth going forward.

The common theme between all of the 8 businesses that attended the meeting was that post start-up, there is a gap between growth and sustainable and there seems to be no support for these businesses. The Start-Up loans programme is great because of all of the additional benefits such as mentoring and money off key business services, but after this what happens?

This was the perfect opportunity for Andy and I to talk about ABL Business and how we fill that gap by allowing owner managers of SME’s in the UK to get access to alternative lending to sustain further growth and provide the support to enable the achievement of this growth. Ed Balls seemed to get it, he seemed to understand that there was a gap and we filled it (I would like to make it clear at this point that in no way does Ed Balls or Start-Up Loans UK endorse ABL Business Ltd or any of it’s products or services).

The message that was to be taken back to Parliament and James Caan and the Team at Start-Up Loans UK is that there is a gap between start up and growth for small businesses in the UK and also that the relationships between large corporate organisations and small businesses needs to be improved.

Do you agree or disagree?

If you need funding, marketing or just a chat about growing your business or starting up please get in touch, it’s what we do and we can help you. Like we’ve helped others.