One Size doesn’t fit all – A hybrid approach

As a business owner you know when your business needs some working capital. With that many finance products on the market it can be confusing as to which is the right product for your business and how you should go about getting it.

At ABL Business we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. A product that might work for one business might not necessarily work for yours. Other brokers might pick a finance product that will plug a gap and sort you out for a while, but at ABL we look to find a long term solution, exploring the whole range of finance products available to sort you out now and in the future.

We call this our hybrid approach.  We utilise a number of finance products to bring together the best funding solutions to suit you and your business. This could be a mix of products such as a VAT Loan – to spread the cost of your Quarterly VAT Bills, Invoice Finance – setting up this facility can help to ease cashflow by taking control of late payments, and Asset Finance – to help with purchasing equipment for your business as well as many others.

But how do we do it? I hear you asking,

Well, we find that the best way is to first sit down with you and find out more about you and your business. Finding out more about what you do, how you’re looking to grow or what purchases you might be making and any potential problems you might be facing with your cash flow, gives us a great starting point to finding the right hybrid approach. From there we can put together a finance package that will work for your business.

As we are not tied into any funders we can make applications to more than one where required, finding the best possible deal for you at the best price.

At ABL Business we bring you commercial finance that is out of this world!

If you want to find out more about ABL’s Hybrid mix get in touch with us on 01274 965356 or email