Old ABL Apprentices Support Next Generation!

On Tuesday 20th June Emma and Luke where at Whitcliffe Mount School with Ahead Partnership to take part in the year 10 Careers Fair.

Starting as Apprentices and now being fully fledged members of staff Emma and Luke were able to advise the students on what it’s actually like to be an Apprentice and what the benefits of an Apprenticeship are.


Luke who gained an Accountancy qualification whilst training on the job during his apprenticeship, is currently studying for a Business Banking qualification with the NACFB. Luke joined ABL after 1 year at college, originally studying to be a PE teacher he decided the career wasn’t for him and the prospect of learning whilst earning was more what he was looking for.


Emma gained a marketing qualification from the Charted Institute of Marketing whilst doing her Apprenticeship with ABL. Emma joined the team after dropping out of University, which is not always a bad thing. Like Luke, Emma decided that the career she had chosen wasn’t right for her and that an Apprenticeship would better suit her career aspirations.


Emma and Luke were able to let the students know that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what career you want to do once you are older. There are many different paths you can go down and you’re never too old to become an Apprentice.


Meeting the students was a brilliant opportunity to talk about some careers that they might not have thought about.  And it was great to support the local community by being part of the year 10 careers fair. We look forward to seeing what the next generation go off and do.


If you are looking for an Apprenticeship in Marketing or Finance then get in touch with us at ABL Business; info@abl-business.co.uk or call 01274 965356.