What Makes WordPress Such a Great Platform for Small Businesses?

At ABL Business, we believe in the value of first impressions. Getting things right when you first meet somebody can set up a solid foundation for a great relationship.

With technology taking an increasingly central role in our everyday lives, many people will look at your website and social media accounts to find out more about you after meeting you in person. It is essential that your online presence reflects the positive image which you strive to present during face to face encounters.

Websites and social media offer us an amazing opportunity to market ourselves to a wide audience. Therefore, just as you would present the best version of yourself during a meeting with an important potential client, your website and social media accounts need to be optimised so that they are the best that they can be.

If your website is not designed to be user friendly, does not display correctly across mobile devices, loads slowly etc then it is highly likely that users will abandon your website and move on to something else. You may think that a great website design will cost you the Earth and involve a very complex process, but with WordPress you will discover that this doesn’t have to be the case.

WordPress Allows Your Website to Grow as Your Business Does:

WordPress is a popular and free CMS (content management system) which is used to power websites for notable brands such as Samsung, Forbes, Ford, People Magazine and Mozilla Firefox amongst many others. It is a flexible platform which allows you to edit your website as you go. This is extremely valuable for small and growing businesses who may over time need to add more services/members of staff etc to their website.

WordPress is SEO Friendly:

WordPress supports popular SEO tools such as Google Analytics and even has dedicated SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO which can be embedded into your website to help you achieve a good position in Google search results.

WordPress is Secure:

WordPress is regularly updated and with each update WordPress ensures that your website stays secure and adheres to current policies.

With WordPress, You Become Part of a Community:

WordPress is an open source platform which means that developers can continually contribute to the enhancement of the software through the creation of themes and plugins. Updates are free and there are thousands of free themes and plugins to choose from which can be downloaded and used on your website straight away.

At ABL Business, we develop websites for our SME clients using WordPress and we can offer managed or self-managed packages. Don’t worry if you’re new to WordPress – we even offer CMS training so that you can learn to update and maintain your own website.

To find out more about how we can help, or to get your questions answered call us on 01274 965356 or email info@abl-business.co.uk