Release the cash tied up in stock

Whatever you sell, let someone else fund it...

Release the cash tied up in your stock and raise additional funds for your business. Stock finance enables businesses to get finance to aid in the purchase of more stock or to free up working capital in already existing stock. 

Sitting in your warehouse is your most valuable asset just waiting to be sold. Stock finance allows you to release the working capital from that asset before it has even sold. 

Best of all it can be used with all types of stock and alongside other finance products such as Invoice Finance. This flexible and affordable product helps to improve cashflow.

Stock Finance can be used for a range of different reasons. Get funding for:

Pre- Sold Goods

Goods that will go into inventory for a short while before onward sale

Funding for raw materials or component parts 

Funding for stock that is already on your balance sheet

How Stock Finance work:

Stock finance is quite simple to use, the lender purchases the stock on your behalf from the vendor with the already agreed terms. Then once the stock has sold, the repayments to the lender are made. Alternatively, the lender can purchase the stock that your business already owns.

It is a revolving facility – meaning that it’s not a one-time only deal – you can use it when and as you need the capital. If your business has cash tied up in your warehouse we can help, there are a wide range of options available for you.

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