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Improve your Cashflow with Invoice Finance

Unlock the funds tied up in outstanding customer invoices

Does you business need a cash injection?

If you have been the victim of late payments, Invoice Finance can help to ease your cashflow issues! 

Why Invoice Finance:

Invoice Finance allows businesses to sell their invoices to funders/lenders in order to improve working capital. It provides a flow of cash and eases the pressure on you to chase late payments. Leaving you free to focus on your business.

Who can use Invoice Finance:

  • Fast-growing firms lacking the capital resources and cashflow to fund expansion plans.
  • Start-up businesses and young companies with a turnover of at least £50,000 per annum (all funding decisions are based on the strength of current sales ledger and not past trading performance).
  • Larger businesses looking to fund a range of major transactions – such as Management Buy-Outs (MBOs), mergers and acquisitions
  • Those businesses that have cash flow difficulties or who have been the victim of late payment.

Raise an Invoice

Receive Payment from Lender

Payment collected on your behalf

Receive the remaining balance

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