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VAT Loans

Spread the cost of your VAT Returns 

Are VAT Return costs holding you back?

Seasonal turnover, uncertain cash positions, waiting on invoices and more can leave you stuck when your VAT bill arrives. Late payments to HMRC can have serious consequences, spreading the cost can be a vital solution to ensuring you’re on top of your VAT and even Corporation Tax bills.

Why VAT Loans:

VAT funding allows you to spread the cost of your quarterly VAT bill into 3 manageable payments instead of one large payment every quarter. Making it a monthly bill means it’s much easier to manage and better for cashflow.

The Benefits of a VAT Loan:

  • 1/3 of the bill is payable up front, then 2 monthly payments in the 2 following months
  • Can be renewed every 3 months if you choose, to keep it as a monthly bill
  • Fixed rate is 3.9% of each quarterly VAT bill
  • Minimum loan amount is £10,000 with no upper limit

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