Knowledge Transfer Networks @Calderdale

Knowledge Transfer Networks@Calderdale
Business solutions and executive development opportunities from a Globally recognised Business School here in the heart of Yorkshire.
The Sales and Marketing Network
The Sales and Marketing Network is a free funded programme and is part of the Knowledge Transfer Networks commitment to Business Growth Calderdale. This is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and a Partnership including Bradford University Knowledge Transfer Network, Leeds Metropolitan University and Calderdale Metropolitan District Council.
This is a networked based approach to development and support and problem solving. It can be very powerful and very challenging to both you and your business
You might be developing new knowledge and ideas but at the same time you are making sure that these can be used and embedded into your day to day activities. The Sales and Marketing network has a number of components:
·         Workshops (a 2 day sales workshop and a 2 day marketing workshop both staggered)
·         Facilitated sessions to unpack and apply the ideas from workshops…especially around using and implementing these ideas.
·         The circular route, an anonymous way of developing critique and solutions to problems around the sales and marketing field and making it work. You will need to contribute to and send your own circular if you choose.
Building Sales
Cohort 1 – 20 + 21 May (Todmorden)
Cohort 2 – 22 + 23 May (Halifax)
Get to grips with sales with the Knowledge Transfer Networks. This workshop will help you build your own capacity to sell and face to face on the telephone and give you the confidence to work with your customers as a professional sales person. The workshop will cover:
·         The Psychology of Selling
·         Motivating & Relating to Customers & Clients
·         The Power of the Telephone as a Sales Tool
·         Promoting, Presenting & Packaging Your Products & Services
·         Managing Successful Sales Meetings
·         Making a Successful Sales Presentation
·         Objection Management
·         Negotiation Techniques
Marketing – Delivered by Alex Beardsley of ABL Business Ltd
Cohort 1 – 17 + 18 June (Todmorden)
Cohort 2 – 19 + 20 June (Halifax)
The aim of this workshop is to introduce business owners and managers to the key strategic principles of marketing and how these principles can be converted into a series of actions which competitively add value to their companies. The workshop will develop a series of themes from which basic marketing plans can be developed. Basic because we will not be looking to build all-encompassing plans, but rather focus on specific marketing issues which are of interest to delegates.
We will explore:
·         Probing analysis – where is our marketing now?
·         What can we learn from the past?
·         How can we anticipate the future?
·         How is customer demand changing?
·         What is happening to the competitive environment?
·         How can business be done differently?
·         Where should our marketing go?
Facilitated sets and Circulars
Cohort 1 – 27 May + 24 June (Todmorden)
Cohort 2 – 29 May + 26 June (Halifax)
These are places where you can ask for advice, where issues can be investigated and you can look for ways to make the ideas from the workshops work for you.
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Knowledge Transfer Networks
Business solutions and executive development opportunities from a Globally recognised Business School here in the heart of Yorkshire.
FREE Knowledge Transfer Network Evenings
‘Negotiation and Consulting Skills’
12th May 2014
Arthur Francis Lecture Theatre, Bradford University School of Management,
5.30 – 6.00pm registration – 6.00pm Evening speakers – 7.30pm Food – Networking.
After coffee on arrival, the evening offers you direct access to insights on this management theme through our speakers. Later, you can network with people over a nibble (or two) and share experiences. For us it’s not about the networking it’s about the knowledge and the insight we can all develop.
Keith Williams, Business Growth Advisor
Nick Bramley, Managing Director, Jorvik Associates
This evening is all about being in front of the client, the supplier or the business partner. We will examine negotiation skills and creating the right situation that makes winning right for all parties and develops business relationships. We will also look closely at what it means to be a good consultant. What the key skills are working directly with clients from relationships to planning and the daily nuances of contact in face to face meetings and managing the relationship? How do you unpack what the client wants and needs…how do you make sure they get a solution that works?
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