The importance of having access to your own website.

Over the last few months we have worked with many companies that haven’t got full access to their WordPress websites. This makes embedding of any digital marketing tactics very difficult and can mean that the customer incurs additional costs from the web design companies for amends that they could be doing themselves.

Your website is your own, if you’ve paid a person or a company to develop your website, you should have full access to it.

As a developer, I understand why some people like to limit access to their clients – but it doesn’t make it right.

There is the impeding fear that the client is going to “have a play” and fundamentally break the website, which will then take no less than 9 cups of coffee and 4 hours of sifting through code to find out they changed ONE word in the PHP resulting in a 404 (Page not found).

However, a simple request to not touch the code is enough, or even an offer of training on how to update content without breaking anything.

Another reason for limited access is to guarantee that the developer gets all extra work such as edits to content and style.

This is a choice though, if you don’t have a good relationship with your web developer, they are the wrong developer for you. If you choose to have someone else update your website, that is up to you.

I’ve seen countless companies, blocking access to most of the CMS, not allowing access to the back end where the hosting is and it’s just a massive pain. Some people are good at development, some are good at design, some are good at both. But that’s not all of us, if you’ve developed this amazing system but it doesn’t work well with someone’s brand style then it’s not the best solution.

When it comes to marketing, every company has their own set of favoured software they use to set up marketing campaigns, which differ between everyone, it’s better to work together than to have to feel like you’re going to be giving away secrets (which you won’t be if you’re working with experienced people – they will have seen it before).

People buy from people, and they buy what’s best for them and their business. I don’t think any designers and developers (the good one’s at least) want to steal customers away from anyone, but to just ensure that the client is getting the service that’s best for them. And unfortunately that’s not always the original developer. It’s better to have a successful website in a portfolio than one that didn’t survive it’s first 5 years.

So , before you sign your contract and pay for your wonderful web presence, just find out exactly what you’ll have access to, because it’s important further down the line. Remember, you’re not stuck, there’s options out there, just make sure you find the one that’s right for your business.