G’day Mate – Emma’s Australian Adventure

Emma has been with ABL since the start. Back when it was just myself and Andy, Emma joined the team to get some work experience while studying at University. Soon realising uni wasn’t for her Emma came to work full time at ABL and started an apprenticeship in Marketing.

Fast forward 6 years and she is still with us! It’s a miracle that she’s put up with us for this long. Earlier this year she asked if she would be able to take some time off in December and January to pursue her dream of going to Australia.

Of course, we said yes! We always want to support the dreams of our employees and after she’d assured us, she wasn’t leaving for good and would be coming back we all got excited for her.

Emma leaves us at the beginning of December for Sydney and will be working her way up the East Coast, ending in Cairns. She returns to us at the end of January.

We’ll miss her while she’s gone but can’t wait to hear her stories once she’s back in the office.