Every business wants to grow… But what if you are struggling to trade?

Growth, growth, growth…Every business has a goal that incorporates growth. Growth can manifest itself in many ways such as:
Geographical area
Service offering
Number of customers
Cash in the bank!
But what if your business is struggling to make it through the day, weeks, months and you find yourself fighting a losing battle in your quest for growth?
Running a business is a difficult task and things don’t always go to plan.
It is important to remember that when things don’t go to plan it is not the end of the world…It feels like it, but it really isn’t. Also, there are always people willing to help.
I know what it’s like to run a business, having grown a successful business from starting as a freelance marketing manager to having employees, premises and all of the additional things that you need to deal with when running a business (most of them you don’t realise you need to deal with when you set out to earn a living!).
More and more recently I am seeing business owners engage with us at ABL Business for our knowledge and advice in the area of ‘how to run a successful business’. We are adopting a more business mentor and advisory role in addition to the core business offering of marketing and commercial finance… And this is where we knew our business would grow.

So, why do I think this is?

1) We are approachable and realistic…we work in real terms, on real life businesses everyday. Whatever problem we see, it is never the first time and will definitely not be the last.

2) We have been through it. We have experienced cash flow pressures, employee heartache, supplier cock ups and customer complaints… We have a story to tell too and we survived it!

3) We are human! We want to help and this drives our business… Profit drives us too but we will always help first and then look to profit in the longer term.

If you are having business difficulties and just want to talk to someone real that has been through it and has some experience and maybe some nuggets of advice that you can benefit from call me direct on my mobile, 07903769037… Someone once said it was good to talk.