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Jackie Lawson

I am a Director at Prince Family Law, Chesterfield and have over 30 years’ experience as a family law solicitor. I trained in collaborative family law with Resolution in 2005 when the process first became available in the UK, and was one of the first two lawyers in South Yorkshire to do so. It impressed me as absolutely the best way for those separating or divorcing to design and build a new future for them and their families.

I have long believed this process to offer the best opportunity for those involved in family breakdown to settle issues between them on their own terms. Committing to an agreement not to resort to the court enables participants to be flexible, creative and move at their own pace, which may be faster or slower than that dictated by a Court timetable. It is not an easy option, but its advantages are dramatic and apparent to anyone who has experienced even one collaborative 4-way meeting.

Since 2005 I have helped many clients through the collaborative process and it is always a rewarding experience. I am based in Chesterfield, which has excellent links with a wide area including South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Prince Family Law is a specialist family law practice in Chesterfield, serving South Yorkshire and Derbyshire

Deborah Constable

Qualifying in 2002 I have many years experience in dealing with all aspects of family breakdown. Relationship breakdowns are extremely stressful and involve many difficult decisions about financial issues and care arrangements for children, amongst many others.

I am accredited by The Law Society as an expert in complex children and assets cases, providing extra reassurance that a high level of advice can be provided to help you find the best possible solutions for your family so you can move forward constructively.

I am also a member of Resolution, a national family law organisation, membership of which demands that I and other members deal with cases as amicably as possible to cause the least distress to you and your children.

Collaborative Law furthers this approach by removing the additional stress involved with solicitors letters going back and forth or Court proceedings with set timetables and Judges taking the decisions out of your hands. Instead you get to raise all issues, concerns and anxieties that are important to you in face to face meetings with your partner and me as your Collaborative Lawyer by your side at all times to support you.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, camping, rambling and in particular walking my two dogs!

Prince Family Law is a specialist family law practice in Chesterfield serving Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

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