Don’t Take Unsubscribes Personally

I started out in my new business armed with my knowledge of marketing and a bunch of business cards of people that I had met at networking events. I developed an email newsletter and uploaded the names and email addresses of the people I had met at the networking events and pressed send.

I remember the stress of sending out the first email newsletter and it was almost 7 years ago… I was excited and anxious all at the same time. What if no one responded? What if they did? What if I had made the ultimate faux pas; the dreaded typo?!

All of these ‘what ifs’ and nothing could have prepared me for the way I felt when I got my first ‘Unsubscribe’ I felt empty… As if all of my hard work had been in vain. Wasn’t I a nice person? Did I have nothing of any interest to anyone? Should I just switch off my computer and go and find a proper job? This marketing clearly isn’t working… And this was just from ONE unsubscribe! A tad on the drama queen side, but this really hurt and I mean really hurt.

But I had made a number of fundamental errors right from the outset which contributed to that unsubscribe and actually looking back I did very well to only get ONE and not ALL of them…

So here are a few pointers to ensure that you minimise the number of unsubscribes you get from your email marketing and also to ensure you are not taking things too personally:

1. Opt in – My biggest error!! Email marketing rule 101. Have the people that you have added to your list provided express consent that it is ok for them to be added? Building a qualified list of people that want to receive your communications is a key starting point for successful email marketing and for minimising unsubscribes.

2. Put your contacts into data lists or segments so that you can keep track of the different groups of people and send out useful and compelling content; over time you can see what they respond best to.

3. Always see an unsubscribe as a blessing. They save you time, energy and in the long run money. The longer your data list the more it costs to send out to and also to keep clean and managed properly.

So, you can thank your unsubscribes for doing you a favour, in more ways than one.

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