ABL Business will assist you in any way they can. Here’s a list of FAQ’s you may find useful.


We deal with many funders and the relationships we have with the different funding streams means that we can match you and the level of funding required with the correct funder for you. This saves time and gets you access to those all important funds sooner than you can expect.

Speak to someone at ABL Business to go through your needs, we will be able to help you decide what the best route to finance is for you 

This can vary due to underwriting assessment and whether we have to go various lenders.
Anything from 2.3% – 9/10% per annum dependent upon clear credit checks and full underwriting approval.

We have access to to over 120 lenders, we will seek the best route for you according to your circumstances but finance isn’t always possible in all cases. 

Hire Purchase means that you have full ownership at the end of the agreement (subject to Option to Purchase Fee Circa. £100 being paid). Lease Finance gives full ownership to the Lessor at all times and does not provide an option to purchase fee, therefore the business never retains legal ownership of the asset.
This can vary due to the lender, type of facility originally agreed and the time that has passed since the initial lend.
Small businesses do not require full time commercial finance or marketing support. What they do require is an element of strategic planning up front and then the ongoing implementation of those plans. Our processes and support team ensure that we can work with many businesses the only thing we need to manage is our diaries. Take a look at out what our customers say if you are in doubt.
Marketing creates opportunities to sell and develops your customer relationships so that they stay loyal and ultimately buy more. Done properly marketing adds value to your business by increasing awareness, communicating to customers new and old and keeping you one step ahead of the competition. Done badly it can at best annoy your customers and at worst it can totally put you out of business.

If the answers you want aren’t here, you can always speak to us on 01274 965 356 or email info@abl-business.co.uk