Commercial Finance


The commercial finance team consists of Andy Redman, Ian Brooks and Luke Rodgers. Between them, they have many years of experience assisting businesses in raising capital. Whether your business is large or small, long established or fledgling, liquid or experiencing cashflow difficulties, you can benefit from the services ABL Business offers.


When considering a new relationship with any financial services provider, it is important to choose one who understands you, your business and the sector you work in. ABL Business can work with you to ensure you make the right decision.


Our vast knowledge of the corporate finance market allows us to take the time to understand your individual business needs so that we can advise and negotiate a funding package to work for you.

At ABL Business, we offer the following financial services: Invoice Finance, Asset Based Lending, Property Finance, Business Loans, Asset Finance.

Invoice Finance


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Asset Based Lending


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Property Finance


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Business Loans


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Asset Finance


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