How Can SME Business Owners Best Finance Their Marketing?

This is a question that a lot of SME businesses ask – how much of a budget do they need for marketing and promotion? What benefits can it bring in the long run? Should one have an in-house marketing team or get it outsourced? What is the best way to market your business and get optimal ROI?

Keep reading for tips and advice on how to nail your marketing and finance goals as an SME and raise enough funding for sustainable growth and subsequent expansion and scaling:
Special Offers and Bundle Deals
Everyone loves a good deal. From web management services to equipment, adding bundle deals, limited time offers and special terms can sweeten the pot for a lot of customers and let you market effectively with an edge.
Word of Mouth Marketing
Referrals go a long way in building a strong customer base. With so much competition and so many brands competing for web space, you need to be the most trustworthy and dependable option out there. This can be best achieved through word of mouth marketing. For this, you can ask your customers to write reviews and testimonials, and even introduce special discount referral schemes. This is FREE marketing… Marketing this way has a twin advantage – you get new customers as well as returning clients in the same go. Of course, your customer service needs to be top notch to keep your audience hooked!
When in Doubt, Outsource it
Instead of spending a lot of money on marketing and doing it all wrong, it is best to get it outsourced to a professional who can give you measurable results for the money you invest in. A lot of SME businesses don’t have a large team or time to handle marketing with an edge, and outsourcing the responsibilities instead of hiring a full time team is the best choice in such cases.

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