Businesses Based in Bradford – Get Faster Broadband Speeds

Fed up of slow broadband speeds disrupting your day? Dreaming of the days it will only take you 2 minutes to send an email rather than 2 hours? What if we told you that we could help you get access to faster broadband.

Internet access is so important for many businesses, when the internet is slow it can really affect your business and can even lead to missed opportunities. Having access to fast internet is an important tool for any business.

A government backed scheme has been set up to help businesses get access to the broadband speeds they deserve. The Gigabit Voucher Scheme helps small businesses by covering the cost of installing fibre broadband in areas that don’t have it. The programme was first launched in 2017 and since then has helped thousands of businesses across the UK.

Whilst faster broadband has been introduced, with 24 megabits per second or higher, these connections still rely on copper telephone wires which are limited in the speeds they can support. To be able to utilise the speeds of fast broadband, a full fibre connection is needed.

Installing Fibre broadband yourself can be quite costly. The Voucher scheme covers the cost of the installation allowing you to get faster speeds without worrying about having to pay a fortune in advance.

Not only can slow internet disrupt your day but it can also greatly affect the cashflow of your business. Not being able to access the internet could stop you from creating new business, which in turn could stop money coming into the business. You might also be paying too much for a service that is not providing for you, wasting money that could be better used within the business. A healthy cashflow is important for a healthy business. Suppliers of the voucher, Quikswitch, are in a position to offer businesses based in the Bradford City Centre area the possibility of 100/100Mbps speeds for £0 installation as part of the Government Gigabit Broadband Scheme worth £3000. (The Government Grant covers this, apart from the VAT). 

Quikswitch understand small businesses and the pressures that you are under, which is why they are also offering to match what you currently pay for your broadband services with £49.99 being the maximum you will pay. Best of all there is no upfront commitment and no obligation if your site or your company are not eligible for the government grant. 

If you would like to find out more information about the Gigabit Voucher Scheme, Darren from Quikswitch will be able to assist with all your questions as well as check if you are eligible for the scheme. Simply drop him an email to get you started!