Best deal on the road for vehicle finance

Commercial finance brokers ABL Business steered businessman Clive Smetham back on the road to his dream BMW, after his car finance application veered off track.

ABL Business arranged a vehicle finance package to help him buy his luxury BMW 520i. Mr Smetham is a corporate finance partner at a Leeds accountancy firm, working on large-scale management buy-ins and buy-outs and expects a high standard of service when looking for a finance deal.

He turned to his trusted contact, ABL Business joint Managing Director Andy Redman, after he was faced with a string of errors on his original vehicle finance application, with the providers repeatedly getting his details wrong – even on an apology email.

The ABL Business team were quickly able to secure the car finance, even beating the deal that the other company had offered. From initial contact, it took them just five working days to turn around the deal. The finance was paid out on a Friday and the delighted customer was able to collect his car from Scotland at lunchtime on the following Monday.

ABL fixed him up with a lease purchase package featuring a final balloon payment, where a lump sum falls due at the end of the term, keeping the regular repayments much lower for the client.

Mr Smetham said: “Having known Andy Redman for a number of years, I felt confident that the team at ABL Business would be able to help me get the finance I needed to be able to purchase my car.

“I was very impressed when they told me that they had sorted out a package which actually gave me a better price than the vehicle finance originally on offer. It was a no brainer to take the ABL deal.” 

All’s well that ends well…….

Andy Redman concluded: “We were so glad that Clive got in touch to tell us about the problems he was having, so we could get his plans back on track within just a few days, get him behind the wheel of his new car and put the smile back on his face.

“The moral of the story is, don’t get disheartened when a finance deal hits a snag. Instead, do talk it through with a broker. We are generally able to sort something out….and, as in Clive’s case, you could well end up with a better deal in the long run.”

 If you do have any funding requirements; whether it’s for car finance or business growth, the team at ABL Business will work with you to structure a finance package that suits your business needs.

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