ABL Business becomes a Topic UK magazine partner

ABL Business is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with the social enterprise business magazine TopicUK.

We feel that this is a perfect partnership, as our core strategy is so closely aligned with TopicUK’s ethos that it was simply an opportunity too good to be missed.

Alex Beardsley, Chartered Marketer and Director of ABL Business says:

“Our aim at ABL Business is to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers with a view to adding value and providing that little bit extra when it comes to commercial finance and marketing support.

“The end goal is to create a super network of businesses, giving everyone an opportunity to meet, learn and socialise, with ABL Business acting as a central hub.

“In just the same way, TopicUK provides a platform for businesses to collaborate, work together and forge strong bonds within their communities. The aim is to strengthen not just individual businesses, but a network of businesses, creating ‘social capital’ and boosting the whole of the local economy.

“As a not-for-profit organisation, very-much supported by its network of Partners, the magazine provides an outlet for small businesses, with limited budgets to promote their services and products. This is something we also feel passionately about and we’re proud to be contributing to this provision.

“Like our colleagues at Topic UK, we believe that, if business communities collaborate and co-operate, we will all benefit and emerge a lot stronger together.”

“As partners we’re now looking forward to providing a series of informative advisory articles on marketing and finance “topics”, which we hope will benefit the magazine’s broad business audience.

Another bonus for us will be sharing good news and information about our diverse client businesses, so that they too can benefit from and be a part of this growing network.

We can’t wait to get started, do our bit and become an integral part of the Topic UK business community!