2015 Cash Flow and Finance for SMEs – information roundup

Here at ABL Business it is our mission to make finance, marketing and business planning more accessible to SME business owners and their advisors. If your business grows, our business grows… that’s how we do things round here.
With this in mind we often share really useful information that relates to the strategy, planning and management of SME businesses.
Across 2015 we have particularly focused on commercial finance and answering the questions that we think all SME business owners ask when it comes to cash (or lack of it) in their business.
Here is a list with links to all of the templates, infographs, e-books and blog posts that we think you might find useful if you are an SME business owner, Director or Advisor.

1. Top 10 Tips for Improving Cash Flow  (Infographic)

2. Why more SMEs are using alternative sources of Finance (blog)

3. What types of funding are available to SME business? (blog)

4. Top 3 reasons to use Finance in your SME business (list)

5. Funding opportunities through the LEP skills service (blog)

6. Practical Finance for SME Businesses (e-Book)

7. Cash flow forecasting for SME businesses (blog)

8. Cash flow forecasting for SME businesses (template)

9. What to look for in a finance broker (blog)

10. Speak to a human (Get in touch)

The above list is not exhaustive, but you might be exhausted after reviewing the articles, e-book and templates! If after you have looked at the above and you still have a burning question relating to the commercial finance aspects of your business, or any other business issue for that matter then why not get in touch with us? we’re all human and always on hand to talk…
Good luck for 2016, may all your business dreams come true!
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